Major Washington Reenactments ( Not including Schools and churches )

Nixon Presidential Library Every Presidents Day + Fourth  of July since 1999

Reagan Presidential Library

George Washington Commemorative Massing of the Colors
Forest Lawn Memorial Park Sons of America Revolution

Western Washington
State Fair
Seventeen days -8 to 10 presentations each day

Yorktown Battlefield

Ventura Harbor Village
5 years reenacting Washington’s arrival in New York City

Knott’s Berry Farm

Huntington Library

D.A.R. and S.A.R. events

Luke Air Force Base
Recipients of the Purple Heart Association

Glendale Country Club

City of San Bernardino
Bicentennial Celebration

Some Topics for presentation
“Mt. Vernon Love Story” — The wedding of Nellie Custis granddaughter of
    the Washingtons.

“Battles of the Revolution” — A historical reenactment of at least 5 battles that Washington commanded.

“Commander in Chief”— the resolve and integrity of the general.“The Faith of our Founding Father” — A 30 year look at the faith of George Washington.

“The First Inauguration” — The first day of the first administration.

“Martha the Mother” — Martha — the single mother — the adoption of her baby grandchildren — the winter visitor to the troops.

“The Firsts of our First President” — Traditions that have lasted from; “so help me God” to the purple heart.

“Washington 1776” — The destitute nature of the army of “76” and historic crossing of the Delaware.